thinking blackness in the USA

The Construction of Whiteness

While this exhibition intentionally focus on Black Matters and the concept of 'Blackness' rather than its inevitable counterpart, we recommend this article for an introduction to the invention of 'whiteness', its historical origins, and equally complex societal implications.

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Apollo 11 Moon Landing

"One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind" (Neil Armstrong, 1969)

A Triumph for Mankind

"Whitey on the Moon"

Black Modernities in Poetry and Music

black perspective

black cultural practice

Representing Black America

This BA thesis explores the tradition of musical and lyrical innovation extending from Langston Hughes (1920s-40s) to Gil Scott Heron (1970s) to Kendrick Lamar (2010s).

African Diaspora

Connecting the USA's violent colonial past with its violent racialized present:

"The Angel too, heard, and bore witness to the cries of the people as they were carried across the ocean and deserts like Black gold to sing their songs of sorrow as strangers in strange lands. The accumulation of their Black DNA has contributed to the racialized distribution of twenty-first-century life, death, dispossession, and subjugation."
(Reynaldo Anderson & Tiffany E. Barber, The Black Angel of History and the Age of Necrocapitalism)

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